We have 2 Options for Sewing classes: 

1. Create Your Own Class: get a group of 2 or more people and choose from any of these sewing classes, then click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page and let me know what date and time you'd like your class to be, or you can call (614)823-4100 to get it scheduled. Or,

2. For a list of current SEWING classes that are already scheduled, 

Beginning Sewing for Adults (Level 1)
Students will learn how a sewing machine works, and create this cute little fabric bin in the process.
2.5 hour class - $35.00
Altering and Mending Clothing (For Adults)
Learn to hem jeans and dress pants, and dresses, patch a hole in clothing, some hand sewing stitches, and how to darn socks, 
2 hour class - $30.00
Sewing Level 3 for Adults: Knit Top
Students will learn how to work with knits by making this top that comes with a lot of variations in the style.
4 hour class - $50.00

Sewing Classes FOR ADULTS

Pajama Pants for Adults (Level 2)
This is the perfect 2nd sewing class for beginners. It teaches you the basics of reading patterns, pinning, and garment construction.
3 hour class - $40.00
Lexi Carry-all Bag
Make a compact, and super versatile little purse to carry everything you need.
6 hour class - $65.00
Stuffed Elephants
Making stuffed animals is fun for all ages. These make great toys or just decorations. 
3 hour class - $30.00
Zipper Pouches
Learn 2 different methods for putting in zippers. These cute little bags are great for all kinds of things! 
3 hour class - $30.00
Tote Bag
This bag is super easy and very stylish! Learn basic construction techniques. 
3 hour class - $30.00
Jelly Roll Rug
Our pretty fabric rug is made with fabrics of your choice, they come in a "Jelly Roll", and some batting put inside. They make your house feel like a home!
3 hour class - $30.00
Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Great for gift giving! And a super easy sewing project! My fabric has wine bottles on it, but you can choose any fabrics you like! 
3 hour class - $30.00