The WOW Ball

Knitting in the Round: The Baby Buckeye Hat

Beginning Cable Knitting: The Knotwork Headband

Circular Loom Knitted Hat    3 hours / $40 class fee

Using a Circular Knitting Loom, students will learn how to make hats, both with and without a band at the bottom.  Students will need to purchase their own yarn and round knitting loom for the class. Students must be at least 10 years old and up. 

Hand Knitted Chunky Blanket    3 hours / $40 class fee

Students will need to purchase their own yarn to complete their chunky blanket. But we will show you how to do it! We have lots of room and large tables to spread out. This class is a lot of fun with friends. No previous experience with knitting or crochet is required. Students must be at least 13 years old and up.

Rescue Work on Your Knitting (1.5 hours /$40) Up to 4 students
Intermediate knit skills | Fixing knit stitches with Ladder | Backing out stitches | Ripping out stitches and reworking
Nothing makes knitting more enjoyable than knowing how to recover from mistakes! Bring your own knitting or test your skills on our samples. In this class, we teach first how to correctly back out knit and purl stitches. We also teach how to fix a knit stitch lower in your work without ripping out all the rows before it. As a finale, we will be bold, ripping out a row (called frogging) and learn the best way to get all those stitches back on your needle correctly.

Help Me with my Knitting Project ($20/hour) Private Lessons
Need encouragement to start your new knitting project, or maybe it is encouragement to finish it? I would love to help you get going on your project with a private lesson. We can review your pattern together, look up any special stitches, understand the assembly of the pieces and start you off on the right track. I was lucky enough to have someone help me when I first started doing more intricate patterns, so I know what it is like to face a new pattern and think “what now?” I have also done work sizing patterns to yarns I already have (you know that problem?) and I can show you how those calculations would be made on your project. Let’s get you knitting! Call Inspiring U at (614)823-4100 to schedule your private lesson.

U Pick the Knitting Project (1.5 hours / $30) Up to 4 students
Pick from any of the knitting projects shown below that inspire you. I’ve left this time open for any one knitting project we advertise. Bring your friends for this fun night out. Registration needs to be at least 24 hours in advance, so I can bring the correct materials. Get inspired!

Learn to Knit  ($40 for 2 nights, 1 hour/night) Up to 4 students
Beginning knit skills | Cast On | Knit | Purl | Bind off
Short and sweet, our beginning knitting class meets two successive Tuesdays for just an hour. This class is for those who would like to learn the basics of knitting at a relaxed pace. New knitters have the opportunity to practice key skills at home before the second lesson. Not-so-new knitters wanting to brush up on their skills can also benefit. All supplies are included in this beginner class. We teach you to cast on and the knit stitch in our first session, and the purl stitch and binding off in our second session. Our knitters will also learn about basic knitting abbreviations on patterns, sizing yarn and needles, and how to make use of the information on the yarn label.

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