Fleece Hats and Scarves: Our number 1 Girl Scout Program! Girls will be doing a small amount of sewing on sewing machines to make fleece hats and scarves. They will be introduced to the sewing machine, and learn a little bit on how the machine works. 

The girls make 2 sets, one for themselves, and another one that will go to a foster child in need. We work in conjuction with My Very Own Blanket, a non-profit organization that is located next door. When we are finished with the hats and scarves, the girls will tie them up in a bow and we will deliver them next door, where we let them know about their program. This program gives the girls experience on a sewing machine, they get a hat and a scarf, and they do a community service project all in one evening.

Cost: $19 per girl. Program is 2 hours long.  For ages 7 and up.

Jewelry Making: Girls will design and make their own bracelets from a huge variety of beads and charms. We will use memory wire and jewelry tools.

Cost: $15 per girl. Program is 1.5 hours long. For ages 6 and up.

Hand Sewing Stitches:   This little stuffed owl project teaches girls the running stitch, the whip stitch, and how to sew on buttons. They also learn how to start and finish off their hand sewing. Our owl is about 6" tall.  

Cost: $15 per girl. Program is 1.5 hours long. For ages 6 and up.

Wood-Burning: Learn how to use a wood-burning tool. What all the different tips are for, and how to use them. We have many designs to choose from, or the girls can create their own.

Cost: $25 per girl. Program is 2 hours long. For ages 10 and up.

Brownie Painting Badge:  We will complete all the requirements for the badge while at Inspiring U. Girls will be painting the "real world", painting their mood, painting without brushes, and painting a mini mural. Leaders will need to purchase the badges from the Girl Scout Store.

Cost: $20 per girl. Program is 2 hours long. For Brownies.

We have lots of different types of Girl Scout Programs, but we are always up for creating something new that your troop needs. Just let us know if there's something you'd like, but you don't see it here.


All Girl Scout Programs are scheduled by apppointment only. We try to fit you in whenever your normal meeting time is, so that the chances of more girls attending is greater. Just email us by clicking on the "CONTACT" tab at the top of the screen.

Daisy Craft: Bring in your Daisy Troop to make a super cute Daisy in a clay pot.

Cost: $12 per girl. Program is 1.5 hours long. For Daisy Scouts.