String Art

You've seen them at craft shows and in all the home stores, now we can show you how to make your own String Art!  All supplies are included.  But we want to warn you:  Lots of hammers and nails makes for a very fun, but also a very noisy class!
One - 3 hour session             $35 per person

Wood-burning Classes  

Using a wood-burning tool requires skill and techniques to make it look beautiful. Sign up for one of our wood-burning classes and learn some amazing new skills. This class is not recommended for children under the age of 12.  We will provide the wood-burning tools, patterns, tracing paper, and everything you need to create your masterpiece, except for the wood. You may choose any type of unfinished wood surface you would like.  Options for the wood-burning project are a giraffe, fish, horse, dog and deer, and of course you may also create a free-hand pattern of your own.
One - 2.5 hours session      $35 per person
Class dates:


Create your own plant holder to hang in your house! It's a fun process of different kinds of knots. Let us teach you how to get started, and how to successfully make a macrame plant holder.
One - 3 hour session             $35 per person

Dates Offered: